Mission statement

Our mission is to improve quality of life for the families we work with by helping children with self-regulation, competence, and confidence, through participation in unique experiences rich in social and sensory learning opportunities, and to support families with reliable, relevant information and strategies that make life less effortful and more enjoyable. 



We strive to build supportive, mutually respectful, authentic relationships. We believe that when children experience a sense of safety and a state of internal organization, they can generalize new learning, are available for social engagement and playfulness, and perform optimally. 

We believe in a team approach. We have found that collaboration and communication among providers and specialists results in better outcomes for families.

The orange button in our logo represents fine-motor skill, self-care, and connection in general; connecting both sides of the brain and body, connecting child with family, connecting families to community, and the connections among our interdisciplinary therapists. The orange color represents the playfulness of our therapeutic approach.

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