Why Mindfulness?

Children cannot be expected to learn strategies for self-regulation if parents are not modeling the same behavior and social-emotional vocabulary. Nelly addresses mindfulness at the family level to help parents and children create deep shifts in family function and connection. Mindfulness training supports the work of occupational, speech, and feeding therapy, as well as behavioral therapy and mental health counseling. Mindfulness is an excellent adjunct service for self-regulation, anxiety, social emotional awareness, and issues with attention and focus. 

Family Mindfulness Training


Nelly Kavaldjiev

Nelly is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher (RYT 500), who also has credentials as a kids yoga instructor, and works individually with children with special needs. She leads trainings for school teachers on incorporating yoga and mindfulness in the classroom. 

Nelly’s yoga journey began in 2005, while dealing with health challenges with one of her children. The search for answers during that difficult time brought her to study and become a passionate believer in a wholistic approach to health. Nelly is also a Qigong practitioner, and integrates this ancient tradition into her yoga routines. 

In her work with kids, she makes the practice a joyful and nurturing bundle of breath work, mindful movements, and meditation, while encouraging the children to find their own playful and creative approach to it. She guides her students - adults and kids - to always step on the yoga mat with the open, pure, and unburdened curiosity of a child. She teaches yoga as a practice of self-discovery and self-acceptance, using the following modalities: - Mindful movements and meditation - Visualization - Tapping - Qigong and other healing art forms - Creating a safe space for self-growth, emotional balance, and positive transformation - Art, music, and other forms of creative play for self-expression 

Nelly holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Sofia University and a Master’s Degree in Economics from University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria.