Why Mindfulness?

Children cannot be expected to learn strategies for self-regulation if parents are not modeling the same behavior and social-emotional vocabulary. Mindfulness at the family level can help parents and children create deep shifts in family function and connection. Mindfulness training supports the work of occupational and feeding therapy, can reduce anxiety, and can improve social-emotional awareness, attention and focus. 

Why Yoga?

Yoga trains the breath, body and mind. Yoga is a type of "heavy work", that provides intense proprioceptive input and is very grounding. It is an excellent part of a sensory diet for children who have a hard time sitting still. 

Why Train the Breath?

Shallow breathing causes increased carbon dioxide levels in the body, which result in feelings of anxiety and dysregulation. Poor posture can contribute to shallow breathing. By addressing posture and breath simultaneously through strengthening the diaphragm, children can improve their overall wellbeing, their speech and feeding skills, and self-regulation. 

Stress Reduction Improves Therapy Outcomes!

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