Feeding Therapy


In-Home Feeding Therapy

Mealtimes can be challenging for even the easiest feeders. When kids become picky and problem feeders, mealtime- and life in general- can become very difficult and stressful. We understand. Our first job is to assist you in reducing stress around mealtimes for the whole family. Feeding therapy is a lot of baby steps. We look at the big picture and also the important details.  

Feeding Therapy is a Team Approach

Many anatomical, medical, psychological and sensory-motor aspects of feeding are overlooked at routine medical visits, which causes families and children a lot of stress and confusion. We are here to help. We have a team of experts on board who can ensure that your child gets the right care by the right specialist. Many families are afraid of having too many "specialists" on board, however due to the complexity of feeding issues, it is highly recommended that a team approach be implemented for the best outcomes. This does not mean more therapy; it means the right therapy. Your child will not have to interface with a lot of therapists to work with our team, but you will be confident that you are getting the correct care for your child. 

Our Team

We are licensed occupational therapists (OT), speech therapists (CCC-SLP), lactation specialist, and registered dietician nutritionist (RDN) that can help you get to the right doctors, dentists, ENTs and GIs in order to get the assistance your family genuinely needs. A pediatric feeding disorder is not something that anyone should navigate alone. We're here to help!  

How Does it Work?

Call us and we will set up an intake session with you to find out about your concerns. From there we will recommend a preliminary package of the services that will be a good fit for your needs.  

When a child eats a severely limited diet, rarely is it a behavioral problem.

90% of children with special needs have a Pediatric Feeding Disorder.

Myth: Children will outgrow feeding problems.