Feeding Therapy


In-Home Feeding Therapy

Mealtimes can be challenging for even the easiest feeders. When kids are exptremely picky eaters or problem feeders, mealtime- and life in general- can become very difficult and stressful. Home is where feeding happens most of the time, so home-based feeding-therapy can be very impactful. 

What is a Pediatric Feeding Disorder?

Pediatric Feeding Disorders (PFD) are complexand usually involves more than one of the following: sensory processing, motor, anatomical, neurological, medical, psychological and behavioral issues. It is important to have your child evaluated and treated for PFD and referred to the appropriate specialists as needed. 

 A pediatric feeding disorder is not something that anyone should navigate alone. We're here to help!  We will make sure to connect you with highly vetted professionals in the area who are highly specialized as needed (OD, RDN, Developmental Pediatrician, OMF, GI, ENT, etc.)

How Do I Get Started?

  • Call or email to set-up an intial consult. 
  • Following the initial, complimentary 15-min consult, should you wish to proceed with therapy, you'll be asked to fill out and return the intake packet and pre-pay for three sessions. 
  • Next, an online intake-session with both parents is scheduled to review goals, developmental and medical history, and family mealtime culture. (1 hour)
  • Two 60 minute home-visits are provided to assess the child's feeding skills and the family's needs (2 hours plus travel)
  • Treatment options are discussed in a 30-min video session based on what is observed during the home visits.  (30 min)
  • The pre-paid packet is $640.00 and includes a Superbill. (20 min)

Early Intervention is the Best Intervention!

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